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Necedah • Wisconsin

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The Sacred Spot

The Sacred Spot
Place of Apparition

Message, St. Joan of Arc, March 12, 1971, Lenten Friday: "Remember, the
Sacred Spot will be enclosed in the House of Prayer."
All that aura over the Sacred Grounds will be Hope - Green, even though it is intermingled with the purple for suffering.  Do I make myself clear?  So continue on as you were told of the diamond on the Sacred Spot, the diamond is one of the most expensive jewels.  The Sacred Spot in its place in sacredness is one of the most important jewels.  It does not take the place of the Holy Mass, do not misinterpret that, but the Spot itself will bring many a soul to God, that is why it can be the diamond.
  (Revelations and Messages Vol.2, Friday in Lent, March 12, 1971.)

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    Message of Oct. 7th, 1960 to Mary Ann:  "We must pray for the unification of the Church.  We must help and pray and stand as the Militant of Christ behind the Vicar of Christ."
    The Consecration of Russia was requested at Fatima and re-emphasized by Our Holy Mother at Necedah.
    THERE MUST BE AN INDIVIDUAL EFFORT THROUGH CONSECRATION.  Then will there be the conversion of Russia and with it the unification of the Churches, and this powerful unity will defeat the enemy of God!