Queen of the Holy Rosary Mediatrix Between God and Man Shrine
Necedah • Wisconsin

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Spiritual Bouquet for the Holy Father


Thank You For The Spiritual Bouquet


We would like to again thank all of you who participated in the Spiritual Bouquet that has been sent to Our Holy Father.  Because Our Blessed Mother asked us to offer our first prayer each day for him,  we can be assured that our efforts will be of benefit to him.

          A Novena of 27 Holy Masses will be said for him from January 6 through February 1, 2020,  plus the following Bouquet which was mailed to him.


Holy Masses 5571 Acts of Penance & Sacrifice   2277
Holy Communions   5356 Stations of the Cross 1256
Holy Hours 1420 Other Prayers 9995
Ejaculations 9099 Days of Fasting 823
Rosaries 13,637 Spiritual Communions 1769
Angelus 8945