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Constant Vigil of Prayer


MAT. 26-40

The Constant Vigil of Prayer is a program to have each Christian spend one hour per week in prayer, in addition to any Sunday Church obligation.  Our general intention is to save America from destruction by the evil forces.  The hour can be spent at home, in church, or anywhere and can be filled by any type of prayer or spiritual reading.  Just keep the same hour each week with the aim to have someone in each community in prayer 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

March 12, 1971 — The Queenship of Mary (Constant Vigil of Prayer)

. . . dear parents, brothers, sisters, sweethearts who lost their loved ones on the battlefields, be they boy or girl, they made the Supreme Sacrifice.  Will you help them so their sacrifice was not in vain, but the “Glory of Glories”?  It is up to the remaining individual.  It must be in your heart as an individual, not the day, not today, not yesterday, but every day, every day.  Bring this crucial period into a happy, peaceful era and only through Christ the King, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, and the martyrs that gave their lives for your Country.  Place them in your hearts daily, in sincerity, with a Constant Vigil of Prayer twenty-four hours a day.  God will hear you.  The King of Heaven and Earth will hear you.  The Queen will surely hear you, for She is your Mother.  Her Divine Son gave Her to you as the Mother.   Appreciate it, intercede to Her, and you will find Peace.

July 26, 1971 — Feast of St. Anne  (Constant Vigil of Prayer)I thank you all.  Go forth and bring forth what I have just requested of you; and, one of my Daughter’s greatest requests, The Constant Vigil of Prayer, is all that will save thy Nation.  It is all that will save thy Church.  It is all that will save thy Priests.  It is all that will save thy Nuns.  Is this plainly understood, sons and daughters?  It takes efforts of all of you.  Try to get others to help, but you here must be the main trunk.  The branches will spread and they will fan out, but the trunk here must be solid.

May 24, 1972 — Mary Help of Christians (Constant Vigil of Prayer)

Yes, My Child, twenty-two years have passed and there are not enough prayers, nor are My pleas heeded for the Constant Vigil of Prayer.  Without that, My Child, there is no hope, for this confused world is rolling in the blackest sin.  The youth are ignored.  My pleas for them are not heeded, My Child.  Not enough prayers.  The only hope for the world is a Constant Vigil of Prayer.

December 22, 1972 — Friday in Advent (Constant Vigil of Prayer)

People must turn to God.  The Constant Vigil of Prayer is so important.  God will not spare them if they do not turn to Him.  They must help Him to save the people of this earth, those that are so gullible, those that are like a bunch of sheep on the way to slaughter.  Oh, God, be merciful unto them.

October 7, 1974 Message (Constant Vigil of Prayer)

     Over the years, My Child, I have pleaded and pleaded for a Constant Vigil of Prayer.   I love you, children, especially the small, yet, you hear not My pleas.  You ignore Me completely.  You go about thy selfish ways.  The worldly goods, the Almighty dollar, that still is your god.  My Child, cast away that Almighty dollar and turn to Thy Lord Crucified.  Kneel before His Cross, love Him, love Him.  When the Chastisement that God the Father will rain down upon thy Nation comes, it will be too late, dear children.  It will be far too late.  AWAKE, Oh Americas, awake!  Waken your hearts, open thy eyes, remove the film and look deep, deep into thyself.  How much love have you given My Son?  How much love have you given the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, look deep.  Oh children, children, spare the souls of the youth.  Give the job to the youth to help save their fellow brothers and sisters in their walk of life, in their schools, in their churches and in their environment.  That does not mean, dear parents, that your child must give up all joys and play and fun.  Having fun and enjoyment only invigorates the body so that you can stand more persecution and hardships, that way, to save souls.

     The Constant Vigil, they heeded not My pleas.  If they had, many fetuses would not be born dead.  Destruction, destroy, they would not have found the suction cup, the brine salt, incinerator or the plain garbage pail.

July 19, 1975 — St. Romauld (Constant Vigil of Prayer)

Brothers and sisters, wake up!  Do not slumber on and on.  You have wasted twenty-five years since Our Holy Mother pleaded with you here.  Twenty-five years you have wasted!  The Constant Vigil of Prayer is moving very slowly.  How many souls will you be able to save?  People, you are letting thy Nation be destroyed.

Constant Vigil of Prayer: (Action)

     Since the anti-God forces seem to possess all the expertise, media control, cunning, and wealth possible, doesn’t it just make sense for Christians to utilize the mightiest force available to fight against them?    This remarkable weapon is free and available to everyone regardless of one’s monetary situation, position in life, age, or state of health.  It has been known to accomplish the seemingly impossible.  It is a force that many doctors, nurses and health care givers concede works.  History has recorded that it works and the Mother of God wouldn’t request it if it didn’t work. What is this weapon?  It is of course, the powerful weapon of prayer.

     We cannot bewail the lack of vocations, the closing or desecration of churches, nor can we complain of movies or art that depict Our Lord and His Mother in a blasphemous manner.  We cannot lament the availability of damaging drugs, unrestricted pornography, or the butchering of the unborn unless we, personally, are doing something useful to remedy the situation.     In order to zero in on the greatest modern day evil of all, abortion—the murdering of the unborn, let’s join in a Constant Vigil of Prayer.  Please add your hour a week to the thousands who have answered the request of the Mother of God to set aside one hour a week besides your Sunday obligation.  This hour is to be filled with prayer of your own choosing, Bible or other spiritual reading, and/or the Rosary.  The invitation to join this unique prayer program is open to all religious denominations. Our Blessed Mother urged, “This Constant Vigil of Prayer must spread from coast to coast.”


     To help spread the Constant Prayer, start with organizing “Constant Vigil of Prayer Committee” in your area. The committee starts with one - YOU!

Calling on Clergy
Pray for divine guidance before calling on the clergy.  Explain what the Constant Vigil of Prayer is. Clergy calling kits have been prepared to assist you when calling on the clergy.

     When the pastor has agreed to install the program, ask him to select a chairperson. (There are chairperson manuals available for guidance.)

     Schedule a weekend to install the Constant Vigil of Prayer. Ask the pastor to promote the Constant Vigil of Prayer, one week prior to the scheduled installation

     On the weekend of installation, volunteers from the parish and the Constant Vigil of Prayer Committee will be present at each entrance and ask each member of the parish if he/she would take one hour of prayer a week. His/her name will be placed on the board displayed at the main entrance.


     The key to a successful follow-up is a dedicated chairman in the Church to carry on the program after the installation has taken place.

Constant Vigil of Prayer Home Installation

     You can promote the Constant Vigil of Prayer from your home by asking friends, neighbors, and relatives if they would take one hour of prayer each week.  We Have Home Installation Kits available.

School Prayer Program

The School Prayer Program suggests each student spend five minutes at the beginning and at the end of each school day in prayer or spiritual reading.  They will soon learn the value of prayer.  The Home Installation Kits can be used for schools.

  Materials Available For The Constant Vigil of Prayer

Constant Vigil of Prayer
Board to Save America
Pro-Life constant
vigil of prayer board

There are two boards available.  AConstant Vigil of Prayer Board to Save America” and a Pro-Life Constant Vigil of Prayer Board”. These Prayer Boards are designed to record the names of those who wish to volunteer one or more hours a week.  Both Prayer Boards are 42” wide and 32” high, with sliding plexi-glass doors.  Also included with this are the Chairman’s Manual and the sign up cards.  Cost: $25.00 plus $15.00 shipping.

Also available is a “Constant Vigil of Prayer Poster” that can be used in churches, schools, halls, and homes.  The poster is supplied with sign up cards.  Shipping and handling $3.00



“Could you not then, watch and pray one hour with Me?”

I am interested in starting a Constant Vigil of Prayer group.  Please send me more information.

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