Queen of the Holy Rosary Mediatrix Between God and Man Shrine
Necedah • Wisconsin

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Heaven's Messages of 1950


The Revelations and Messages shared at the Queen of the Holy Rosary, Mediatrix of Peace Shrine came from the Blessed Mother, or one of the Saints who assisted Her, such as; St. Therese “The Little Flower”, St. Francis, St. Joan of Arc and others.

Pilgrims who have visited the Shrine on Anniversary Days when the Revelations were given have seen Mary Ann in a state of ecstasy, noticing that she was not conscious of anything or anyone around her as she spoke. These messages were taken down on a tape recorder and in long hand by at least two people.  Some messages were repeated word for word as given by the Blessed Mother; however, in most cases Mary Ann was inspired to speak using her own language, grammar and expressions. Many messages were also given during suffering periods in her home, especially during Advent and Lent.

In a more general sense, the Revelations and Messages came from the Triumphant Church in Heaven, who used the voice of Mary Ann Van Hoof as a human transmitting device or instrument.



A Bishop’s Synod has been called for in October 2014.  Bishops throughout the world will gather in Rome to discuss Marriage, Divorce, and the Holy Eucharist.  Many articles have been published recently giving the opinions of several Bishops as they weigh in on giving Communion to divorced individuals.  It is unclear at this point if even new standards will be discussed for the giving of annulments by the Church.

     The declining Catholic attendance at Mass has many Bishops concerned.  We, as laity, need to pray fervently for preserving the rules of the Church as has been reiterated by many Popes in the past.  The Messages from Our Holy Mother to Mary Ann Van Hoof at Necedah also confirm this as well.

     The Message of March 9, 1962, states:  There can only be the truth, or a lie.  You cannot compromise with the truth.  It is either the truth; or, it is all wrong.  Read the Gospels of Thy Lord and God; His own words.  He did not compromise.  It was either white; or, it was black.  And today, to make things easier, they want to compromise.  They want to live in appeasement with the Enemy here on earth.

     Our Lord and God did not say there is a road in-between that you may take, to make the path easier.  The Church laws have been altered to suit those that are looking for an easier path.  The excuse is because of the modern days and modern life.  We must go along with the trend of the times.

     Thy Lord and God did not give that at the time He died on the Cross.  When He walked the earth, He did not give that as an example; but, today they are continuing to err.  At the time of the Reformation everyone thought it was terrible; but, the biggest split in the world’s history will come - a division in the Church.  And, where are the Shepherds to watch over the flock?  Where?  They heed not the cry of the wolf.  They heed not.”

    “ No, no peace; there cannot be peace while the Church is shackled and dripping with the red of the Enemy. They do not want to hear this; nor, do they want to accept it.  They will rebel against it; because, as the old saying goes, the truth hurts.  But does it hurt enough?  If it does, then make the change before it’s too late.  Quit deceiving; but, stand for the truth.  It is only the truth that will win peace, only the true road to Thy Lord and God.”

      Another Message from Our Holy Mother came on March 14, 1969 which stated:  We cannot expect to accomplish unity between all religious by appeasement; by interpreting the words of Our Lord and God during the time of His walk on earth to suit the purpose of those He Himself chased out of the Temple.  It wasn’t the hierarchy, the learned men of Christ, who have made the changes in the missal and the Bible, anything but that; it was the Pharisees of today.  It was done by the same men that Our Lord and God chased out of the Temple.  How can you expect the truth when that is the whole treacherous plot?  Unless the Christians wake up and change the volumes and volumes of misrepresented material - where nothing but appeasement as the forerunner of all Christianity.  Appeasement with whom?  Not Christ, but Satan.”

     “Dear Christian people, those of the true faith, don’t lose faith; those who have been taught the catechism before it was revised, you had the proper teaching,  You had the teaching.  Follow those teachings.”   

     Holy Mother has pleaded with us to stand for the truth.  Our prayers and fasting are much needed now, to give strength to the Bishops in upholding the Catholic Faith founded by Our Divine Lord.