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Heaven's Messages of 1950


The Revelations and Messages shared at the Queen of the Holy Rosary, Mediatrix of Peace Shrine came from the Blessed Mother, or one of the Saints who assisted Her, such as; St. Therese “The Little Flower”, St. Francis, St. Joan of Arc and others.

Pilgrims who have visited the Shrine on Anniversary Days when the Revelations were given have seen Mary Ann in a state of ecstasy, noticing that she was not conscious of anything or anyone around her as she spoke. These messages were taken down on a tape recorder and in long hand by at least two people.  Some messages were repeated word for word as given by the Blessed Mother; however, in most cases Mary Ann was inspired to speak using her own language, grammar and expressions. Many messages were also given during suffering periods in her home, especially during Advent and Lent.

In a more general sense, the Revelations and Messages came from the Triumphant Church in Heaven, who used the voice of Mary Ann Van Hoof as a human transmitting device or instrument.



Our Holy Mother’s Message to Mary Ann Van Hoof on March 16, 1973 spoke about the push for legalized Euthanasia.  Many people fear that the Affordable Health Care Act will encourage this practice, as Doctors mentor their patients in end-of-life choices.  This is a grave concern in the United States and has been legalized in other countries around the globe.  Christians need to vehemently oppose such legislation, and pray fervently that such laws are not enacted in every state.

     The message given on that date is as follows: “Why isn’t there more effort made to stop the proposed new law?  Euthanasia has started in many States.  Why are you asleep?  It is true; many an old soul does not know his own name, or does not know what he is doing.  But, yet that is so, because he doesn’t know, is helping you that does know.   Regardless of what you think, that soul is suffering and in his childish way helps you.  They are victims that God has left here.  He could have taken them while all their faculties were all together; but, He leaves them here as a suffering for the loved ones they left behind.  For when they leave as a child, their loved ones that truly loved them are given a cross that many are unwilling to carry.  They rather put them away, or have them stowed away and don’t even take time to go and visit them.  ‘What is the use, they didn’t know me anyhow?’   It’s very nice to go and see them; for, a new-born doesn’t know you either, until it learns.  But remember those were your parents that cared; and, tenderly cared for you, that loved you, that took care of you, that provided for you.  And now you want to forget them?  That they are a bother?  They interfere with your family life?  Stop and think.  Is that right?  Some day you will be in their shoes, and you will be one of those souls.  Unless, you leave the enemy and those that do not want to be bothered, that have no time for the old, the poor; unless you follow them, then you will give them a pill or an injection and in a few hours they are gone.  They will be out of your way and you won’t have to bother.  You won’t have to sacrifice to help pay for their room and board.  No, you can just forget them.  You might shed a false tear because they are gone.  Is that what some of you are planning?  I’m not speaking of those in this room.  None of you have those kinds of thoughts.  But I am speaking of the populace, that has the elderly in homes, stowed away somewhere, forgotten.  Some are anxious for laws to pass.  They cannot see why they should suffer.  So you are God.  You are placing yourself in Thy Lord and God’s place; and, you are going to tell others what to do and what not to do.  We have too many false gods in this world that are setting themselves up as who is to live and who will not.  Last week we spoke of the unborn, today we are speaking of the ‘too old’.  The ‘too old’ that are in the way.  Yes, they do not know anything, many of them, but some do recall; and, they look at their children with broken hearts.  And, they rather not speak, or even say, because they are treated like outcasts.  They are too old to be bothered with.  Yes, there are a number of these.  If you let the trend go now, in the next three years there will not be many left of those aged.  They will be put to rest, before God chose to take them home.  They will put their own gods, the false gods, in power.  Is that what you want?  You have a name for it.  Yes, just erase them out of life.  Be the gods, the false gods.  Oh, you are a human being.  God created you, but you do not believe that.  You only have animal thoughts of how you were created, but remember God created you.  No matter how you squirm out of it or think you can, it is Almighty God, God the Father that placed you here on earth; and, it is up to Him how long you live on this earth or how short your period will be.  It is His choice, not yours.”