Queen of the Holy Rosary Mediatrix Between God and Man Shrine
Necedah • Wisconsin

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God and Country Shrine

For My God and My Country Shrine

For My God And My Country Shrine

The Blessed Mother requested that an organization titled ‘For My God And My Country’ be created to operate the Queen of the Holy Rosary Shrine to promote Her Sacred Cause.  Later Heaven requested this shrine to show everyone that Christ is King of the World.  Our forefathers recognized that if America was to lead the world in peace, it would succeed only if Christ was the King and we lived by His principles.

     George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were men of God.  Their sterling character and unwavering faith helped found and preserve us, ONE NATION UNDER GOD WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.  The Message next to the statue of Washington shows part of his “Farewell Address”; and, for Lincoln his immortal “Gettysburg Address”.

     George Washington’s ‘Commander-in-Chief’ flag, the ‘United States’ flag, and our ‘For My God And My Country’ flag are all flying at half-mast at Heaven’s request in remembrance of the unborn murdered through abortion.

     On St. Peter and St. Paul's Feast Day, June 29, 1974, St. Peter appeared to Mary Ann Van Hoof and stated: “Help Thy Holy Mother, so that She can crush the Serpent with her heel and save thy nation.  Turn thy nation back to God.  Fly the flag with true love.  Make it a glorious 'Old Glory'.  Thy Statue of Liberty stands with it's arm upraised for justice; yet, where is the justice when you murder thousands and thousands of innocent little victims that have harmed no one?”

Only God-Fearing Men Make Trustworthy Leaders