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Last fall we were able to start on the second-story mezzanine area.  The first pour of concrete was completed just before the heavy snows came and work had to stop for the winter. 

Due to the complexity of this magnificent Heavenly designed building the construction costs are greater then originally estimated.  With limited funds available, we asked the contractor to temporarily halt construction.

Forms and reinforcement rods are now being set in place by volunteers for another concrete pour.  This kind of project requires all types of laborers; those able to sort materials, carry materials to assemblers, assist assemblers, construct forms, and assist with the concrete pours.  After the concrete is poured, we have the task of removing forms and preparing them for the next section, which starts the process all over again.

The existing concrete floors need to be sealed to protect them from weather conditions, so this will be another task.

To all volunteers who have asked to be notified when help was again needed for constructing the House of Prayer, we are happy to say that the time is now!

 Saturday Work Bees are the busiest for our volunteers.  We start about 9:00 a.m., break for lunch prepared by our kind ladies, and then work until about 5:00 p.m.  It’s a labor of love for Our Blessed Mother and the workers enjoy the friendly time spent working together.

As funds allow we are going to continue moving along as Our Heavenly Mother requested.  She promised that the alms would come forth if we gave of ourselves in true love.  We were reminded that the House of Prayer was to be earned through prayer, penance, and sacrifice.

We believe Heaven will continue to bless our VOLUNTEERS!  If you, or anyone that you know, would like to help us with this project, please contact the Shrine by phone or e-mail.


Phone: (608) 565-2617

E-mail: (


God Bless our Volunteers!



Volunteers Building Forms and Setting Reinforcing Bars 

Volunteers Building Forms and Setting Reinforcing Bars

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August 15th Anniversary Day Observance

     "What a wonderful day!"  This is the only way to describe it.  As visitors began assembling for the noon Procession, they were quick to give credit to Heaven for blessing us with a warm sunny day tempered with a light breeze.
     We were very pleased to see visitors from five of our neighboring midwest states, plus others from Florida, New Jersey, Nebraska and even some from as far away as Poland and the Philippines.
     The noon Procession again started at the Caretaker's house led by the Crucifix bearer, the flag bearers, the carrier for the statue of Our Blessed Mother held shoulder high, those carrying Her gold-jeweled crown, and then the Pro-Life flag bearer, followed by the long train of visitors proudly carrying their respective state or country flags while singing the Shrine song "Ave, Ave" to honor Our Heavenly Mother. 
     When the Procession reached the Sacred Spot of the Apparitions, the large statue of Our Lady over the Sacred Spot was crowned while everyone sang the song, "Bring Flowers of the Rarest".  This was followed by additional prayers and songs until the Prayer Vigil, with the fifteen decade rosary, began at 1:00 P.M.  It was very humbling to witness the devotion displayed by all present toward Our Heavenly Mother.
     After the Vigil everyone was invited to join us for refreshments served in the Mediatrix of Peace Hall.  While there they were given a detailed description of the House of Prayer and an update on the progress being made in its construction.  Realizing that our progress is the results of volunteers, it was heart-warming to hear their enthusiasm and desire to see us succeed.  They promised to pray for our success and some even offered to help with the work.

Noon Procession To The Sacred Spot, Necedah WI

Procession to the Sacred Spot of the Apparitions






Phone #: (608) 565-2617


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