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Queen of the Holy Rosary Mediatrix
of Peace School


Queen of the Holy Rosary Mediatrix of Peace School - Grades K - 12A PRIVATE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL

In today's troubled educational climate, a small private school in central Wisconsin has created a rare and inspiring model of educational success. It's turning out academically successful, well-adjusted, disciplined, God-fearing young people.

  • Queen of the Holy Rosary School is a private Christian school founded in 1982 to provide traditional Catholic education, with over 100 students in grades K - 12.

    Our basic philosophy is centered around traditional Catholic teaching and doctrine, the Holy Bible, and the Ten Commandments.  We believe it is impossible to educate without a proper philosophical and theological base.  Beliefs and values that are centered around the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary are contained in all of our curricula.


  • We believe it is essential to educate with a proper philosophical and theological base.  Beliefs and values that are centered in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary are fundamental to all our teachings.

  •  The day begins with prayer and ends with the rosary in the chapel.  Religious instruction is central to our  academic approach.

GRADE SCHOOL CURRICULUMQueen of the Holy Rosary Mediatrix of Peace School Classroom

Emphasis is on the basics:  reading, writing, arithmetic, and religion. Intensive
phonics in the early grades gives the students
a sound foundation and is an extremely
successful method of teaching.


Queen of the Holy Rosary School High School Students

    Basic courses required for graduation include: 
    4years of English and Religionn, 3 years of
    ocial Studies,, ath and Sciencee

24 1/2 credits are required for graduation.

Our faculty consists of sincere Christians who are dedicated to the principle that excellence in education can not be achieved without intellectual and moral integrity, coupled with hard work and commitment.

Parents are the first educators of their children, guiding them through their early years, instructing them in their faith, teaching them their prayers, and instilling in them basic moral values.

We continue this education in an effort to prepare our students to live as good Christians in this life and thus earn their eternal salvation in the life to come.

Parents are expected to cooperate with and support the teachers and to encourage their children in their studies as well as their extracurricular activities.

Our students are expected to adhere to a code of honesty, discipline, respect, charity and dress.

Honesty - in dealing with God, fellow students and teachers.  In fulfilling assignments to the best of their ability.

Discipline - Living by the Ten Commandments - Adhering to the rules of conduct set by the school.

Respect - For their parents, teachers, and elders.  For their country, its constitution, its officials, and its flag.

Charity - A true Christian love of God, of others, and of self.

Dress - A strict dress code is maintained because it is essential to discipline. 
     Boys wear navy blue dress pants and white oxford shirts.
     Girls wear a white oxford shirt with a plaid jumper or skirt and navy blue vest. 
     All skirts must extend below the knee.

The Queen of the Holy Rosary
Mediatrix of Peace School admits students
of any race, color, national or ethnic origin.


Even with the sacrifices of our teachers and volunteers, the tuition does not cover the cost of operating our school.

In order to keep our tuition within the ability of as many families as possible, we rely on the parents to help with the cleaning and any maintenance projects or fund raising activities.

We also rely heavily on the generosity of others who live up to the new code of canon law: "The faithful are to promote Catholic schools, doing everything possible to help in establishing and maintaining them."

For More Information Contact:
Queen of the Holy Rosary School
W5606 Shrine Rd.
Necedah, WI 54646
Phone: 608-565-2341
Fax: 608-565-8038
Email: qhr@tds.net

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