Mail Corner



Mail Corner


Canada: Dear Friends in Christ; I am enclosing an order for religious articles to distribute during the month of May in our parish.  We visited the Shrine five years ago.  I placed petitions at Our Lady’s feet at the Sacred Spot and within a month ALL my petitions were answered.  What a wonderful Mother we have!  God bless all of you in your constant effort.  Our poor country is in dire need of prayers and sanctification.  Pray for Canada, we live in a desert wasteland!  In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!

 Utah: Dear Shrine Workers!  My mother gave me your latest Newsletter.  What a beautiful piece of work!  Truer words were never spoken!  Finally, something on paper agreeing with my spirit’s unrest of all I see happening in the world and seemingly everyone oblivious to it all.  Those I love choose not to hear and thinking I am a religious “coo-coo.”  When I lovingly try to explain the simple solution of the Rosary and the first Saturday obligations, no one wants to be bothered.  The New World Order quickly approaches - too late will souls wake up!  Thank you for bringing the light into the world through your Newsletter.  It is good to know I am not alone in this battle!  May our Lady bless you all!

 North Dakota: A few years ago we were introduced to the Blessed Mother’s revelations given at Necedah and were amazed that as early as 1950 She requested “Clean out the schools.”  We discovered that Sex Education is introduced in Kindergarten (robbing them of their childhood).  We learned of the infiltration of the Seminaries and Convents which explains all the bazaar changes in the Church.  Our Blessed Mother revealed that many college students live together as man and wife.  She deplores the shocking immodesty of women.  As the women go, so goes the nation!  We learned too of the vicious efforts to destroy our country!  MUCH PRAYER NEEDED!!

 Wisconsin: Please place me on your mailing list.  Enclosed is a donation for a copy or two of your Newsletter Volume 13, Issue I, Winter 2011.  I knew about and visited Necedah way back in 1950’s or 60’s but we were told by our Parish Priest not to go there.  I’ve been gone from Wisconsin for many years and now I find that you ARE the real thing and I agree and was aware of the articles in this Volume 13, Issue 1.  Thank you!

 Indiana: Enclosed is my check for Sacramental Packets.  Please make sure they are blessed by a holy Priest.  Also, would you send any additional items that could be of interest to us, direction, instructions, advice etc.  Enclosed is my check for Sacramental Packets and any additional information.  Thank you!


(Keep your cards and letters coming we
appreciate hearing from you!)



Two Testimonial Books are available that are filled with interesting occurrences experienced by many visitors to Our Lady’s Shrine; proving that she has showered numerous graces onto these revered grounds, and continues to do so!

 Books are available for:  $4.50 each    
 plus $2.00, per book, Shipping and Handling


      Please send check and request for  books to:
         Queen of the Holy Rosary         
Mediatrix of Peace Shrine

 W5703 Shrine Road
  Necedah, WI  54646



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