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The "Way To Peace" shrine as visioned by Mary Ann Van Hoof on May 31, 1953

The Way to Peace Shrine


A vision of the “Way to Peace” was shown to Mary Ann Van Hoof on May 31, 1953 and again on June 1, 1969. This vision was painted in picture form and displayed in a grotto entitled “The Way to Peace Shrine” as requested by the Celestials in Heaven.

The picture depicts the Holy Trinity in the symbol of the triangle with rays of light coming down upon us. Within the Trinity are the unity circles. The Holy Ghost in the form of a Dove is carrying a rosary in its beak and bringing it to this Trinity symbol, laying it upon the peak of the triangle and then flying to Our Holy Mother and returning with the word “Peace” in its bill.

The Way to Peace is through the Rosary, through the Blessed Trinity, which Our Holy Mother gives us through Her intercession. The Way to Peace can only be found through the Blessed Trinity. The Glory of God the Father through the Glory of God the Son, and through the Glory of God the Holy Ghost, Who will shine upon us into our hearts if we open our hearts to it. The Rosary is the answer through the Blessed Trinity through Our Heavenly Mother.  The peace you seek will only come through God the Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit. Do not forget the Holy Trinity for it is Glory, Glory, Glory to God on the highest. Glory to God His Son and Glory to God the Holy Ghost. This will sanctify and purify you if you give yourselves to them. Place yourself beneath Our Holy Mother’s mantle, say the Rosary and unite yourself with the Trinity.

Mary Ann described the vision as follows:

“The four ash trees seemed to part. Two bent towards the east and two to the west. Above the ash trees in the center appeared the Trinity sign. From this sign came brilliant rays down unto the ground to the Sacred Spot. These rays of light seemed to spread out covering those who stood with me where I knelt. I then heard a whirring sound, which was difficult to explain. I looked to the East where I saw a flash of light. There the White Dove had a Rosary in its beak, with its wings gently moving. The Triangle was in brilliant light. The Dove flew towards the Trinity sign and placed the Rosary on the peak of it. At this time brilliant rays from the Trinity spread out over all the people present including all close to the fence. After placing the Rosary on the Trinity Sign, the Dove then flew towards the west and instantly Our Holy Mother appeared. She placed something into the beak of the Dove and when the Dove turned back towards the Trinity, I could see it had the word, “Peace” in its bill. Before handing the word, “Peace” to the Dove, Our Holy Mother looked down on all present. It seemed that there was a special beauty here today. I don’t know if the people felt it or not. I hope all those that are in doubt right now will find peace in their heart that Our Holy Mother is trying to give us. I hope they carry out Our Holy Mother’s requests. She tried to send the rays over all present not just the few standing close to me, but to everyone present.”

Peace in the hearts of men is only found through the love of the Divine Savior. Loving Him with whole heart, mind and strength brings true Peace. He imparts this special grace to those who give their total trust to His divine providence and will. Let us all pray that we may live every day in accordance with His will for us, accepting all trials and sufferings as stepping-stones towards our eternal salvation.



“WAKE UP, WAKE UP! THE TIME IS RUNNING OUT. THE ENEMY IS IN COMPLETE CONTROL...”                                               


Wake up Americans, wake up.



Our Blessed Mother said:

  “Tell all people that never is a man more manly than when he bends his knee before God.”


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